Prema Filippone

Doctoral Student

Prema Filippone (LMSW) is a doctoral student at the Columbia School of Social Work. She is interested how systematic exclusion, stigmatization and racism serve as drivers for racial disparities in health care. Her research centers on examining the effects of intersectional stigma and racism on women’s health decisions, engagement in care, and overall health outcomes. Prema is dedicated to research that helps us better understand the influence of racism and discrimination on the production of racial disparities in health. 

Prior to pursing her doctorate, Prema supervised the implementation of a National Institutes of Health grant. As a social worker, she worked as a Program Director supervising various direct support services, housing programs, and court advocacy programs for commercially sexually exploited and domestically trafficked women and girls. Prema holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Sociology from Rutgers University and a Master of Science in Social Work from Columbia University.