Keesha Moilere

Research Assistant

Keesha Moliere is a recent grad from Loyola University Chicago with a B.S. in Psychology and a minor in Spanish and Sociology. At Loyola, Keesha worked in two labs both studying the outcomes and effects of exposure to community violence on black adolescents and their mental/physiological health. She also was a Sociology research fellow under a center that sought to combine research and policy in a "activism research" lens and was a LGBTQ scholar/advocate for three years. She intends to enter a doctoral program for clinical psychology a few years in the future. Her research interests lie in the psychological distress, due to environmental stressors, of black adolescent girls, black LGBT, and Haitian immigrants in the US. She hopes to do more proactive initiatives with research such as implementing some programs that help address these issues in those targeted communities.